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Maria Rud photo by Pavlos Papageorgiou

Maria Rud Artist

Maria Rud photo by Iain White

Maria Rud artist

Maria Rud photo by Douglas Robertson


A shining light originated in ancient times, Maria Rud is re-enchanting the world.”

Christoph Bollmann

Fine Art consultant, collector



 “Maria Rud is one of the most significant figures on the creative arts scene in Scotland today."

Rebecca Tavener (soprano) 

Creative director of Cappella Nova

“Well known for her chromatically rich imagery, with its transfigured overtones of Picasso and Chagall as well as early Russian icon painting ”


Professor Michael Tucker /art historian, curator/


“Rud has a deeply musical insight in her artwork”


Hartford Courant


"Maria's work has an extraordinary and unmistakable artistic presence and integrity, combining the structure and formality of an icon, with the vitality and strong lines of Picasso, and the musicality and symbolic richness of Chagall. Living with these paintings has been a privilege."

Paul Jourdan 

Founder & CEO , Amati Global Investors

"..AniMotion performance by Maria explores many different styles

of art over its creative hour with artwork reminding me of ancient cave paintings...and at times even Russian religious icon art, but all somehow fusing into a very unique style that is Maria Rud's"

Arts Reviews Edinburgh

Maria Rud lives and works in Edinburgh. Maria began studying Fine Art aged just 7 years old, graduating 

from Surikov School of Art, Moscow and Academy of Culture, St.Petersburg.

Apart from being a painter, she worked in many art fields including fashion design, book illustration, television, film, stained glass, ceramics and art glass.

Maria had numerous exhibitions and her works are collected throughout the world.

She developed “The AniMotion Show” which brings together painting and music in real time. The concept was launched by the National Museum Of Scotland in collaboration with Evelyn Glennie.

Since the launch, the show toured in USA, China and Europe.


Maria’s work has distinctly unique style and is immediately recognisable.


Her extensive and inspirational body of work, built up over three decades of ceaseless application, echoes seemingly ancient themes while resonating with the present world.


Maria believes her work should not be intellectualised. The paintings are not the product of the intellect, but visceral expressions of images received “fully formed” in her mind. Despite the obvious technical excellence, there is a simplicity that can be understood without explanation.  Each and every painting can be read and interpreted by anyone on a purely emotional level.




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